About the Foundation

Mission Statement - To provide financial support for educational purposes, scholarships, projects and programs that facilitates the advancement and dissemination of knowledge in the field of floral design and related fields.

The American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) Foundation, Inc., was established as an umbrella organization for all future funds and projects, with a single group of trustees having responsibility for all activities.

Named funds held by the Foundation include The Allen Shackleford AIFD Fund, The Eulalah Overmeyer AIFD Fund, The Rocky Pollitz AIFD Fund, The Don Stothart AIFD Fund, The James Moretz AIFD Fund, The Jim Treadaway AIFD Memorial Fund, The Kirk Pamper AIFD Fund, and The Florida Florist Fund.  In addition, several Regional Chapters have partnered with the Foundation to create funds: The Southern Chapter Fund, The Northeast Chapter Fund, The Northwest Chapter Fund, The North Central Chapter Fund, and The South Central Chapter Fund. At this time five Funds have been established and have not yet reached the vested amount: The Tom Powell AIFD Fund, The Frankie Shelton AIFD Fund, The C. Michael Polychrones AIFD Fund, the Michi Burrell AIFD Fund, and the Southwest Chapter Fund.

flower2The Florida State Florist Foundation has entered into an agreement to join with and become a part of the AIFD Foundation. The new fund, now called the Florida Florist Fund, allows Florida Florists to take advantage of a greater amount of scholarships and grant monies, while still also adhering to the original mission of the Florida Foundation to assist with Florida florists suffering from the effects of catastrophic illness or natural disasters. The Florida Florist Fund Symposium Scholarship offers financial assistance to attend the annual AIFD National Symposium. The Florida Florist Fund Southern Conference Scholarship is available to a Florida non-AIFD floral designer who needs financial assistance to attend their first AIFD Southern Conference.

Established in 1979, the AIFD Foundation, Inc. is an independent non-profit organization which raises and invests funds to supply scholarships to students and aspiring designers. Special projects that impact the future success of retail floristry are also financed and supported by the Foundation. From a modest beginning, the Foundation has enjoyed generous support of AIFD members and friends to become the leading provider of floral education funding.