Catastrophic Fund


The AIFD Foundation provides a Cornerstone of Care bringing Hope to those in Need. The cornerstone is strengthened today with a $5,000 contribution from FTD. The commitment from this company totals $10,000 in the last six months and for this, the AIFD Foundation is most grateful. The history of FTD support goes back as far as Hurricane Harvey when countless florists on the Gulf Coast were assisted in numerous ways. Their continued support saw several through Hurricane Irma. An initial $5,000 donation helped to open the AIFD Foundation Catastrophic Fund. The AIFD Foundation Board of Trustees extends our appreciation to FTD for their consistent and most generous support.

“When I think back, prior to establishing the Hurricane Harvey Fund, FTD Regional Vice President Bryan Whitehouse shared with me how pleased he was that the AIFD Foundation held a catastrophic component and discussed the need for a general fund to assist those devastated by catastrophic events. Though the Hurricane Harvey Fund was designated for a specific purpose, the thought never left me. This brief conversation, as well as not being able to assist when the wildfires initially occurred in California, certainly led us to where we are today. The Board of Trustees saw the need to provide a Cornerstone of Care and established the AIFD Foundation Catastrophic Fund. FTD has been in support every step of the way. We are most grateful,” shared AIFD Foundation CEO Lynn Lary McLean AIFD.

In response to the unprecedented winter storms wreaking havoc across a majority of the United States, FTD Executive Vice President of the Florist Division Tom Moeller quickly approved a donation to the AIFD Foundation Catastrophic Fund.

“At FTD, we are committed to looking for ways to support the floral industry in good times and challenging ones,” stated Moeller.

The Natural Disaster Assistance Grant Application is online bringing hope to those in need. This contribution from FTD adds to what is available. We encourage those experiencing physical damage to property to apply.

Continued support will grow this fund to be able to assist with physical damage to property resulting from a natural disaster. Contribute What You Can. Contribute When You Can.