Catastrophic Fund

A Brief History


You may recall a time when Texas State Florists’ Association worked in concert with the AIFD Foundation to support victims of Hurricane Harvey. Following, there were similar efforts where we assisted florists in Florida. Other catastrophic situations soon followed, such as the fires in California, where there was no specific fund in place to help. This led the AIFD Foundation Board of Trustees to establish the AIFD Foundation Catastrophic Fund to assist with property damage resulting from a natural disaster.

Bringing Hope to Those in Need


Powerful tornadoes recently hit six states to include Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi and Tennessee. If you have experienced physical damage to property, due to a catastrophic event, we encourage you to complete the online application.

Natural Disaster Assistance Grant Application


The Natural Disaster Assistance Grant assists those, employed in the floral industry, with expenses related to property damage resulting from a natural disaster. This Grant is not designed to compensate for business or inventory loss.
The application is available here.

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For over forty years the AIFD Foundation has supported A Lifetime of Learning.

The AIFD Foundation Catastrophic Fund addresses the catastrophic component within the AIFD Foundation
providing a cornerstone of care to bring hope to those in need.

The AIFD Foundation Board of Trustees expresses our appreciation for your continued support.